Message from the Race Director: 2021 Race

After a long year of not racing, there’s finally some good news.  The number of COVID-19 infections is generally in steady decline and the development and distribution of vaccines offers hope for an end to the pandemic. But as one public health official commented today, “We see the light at the end of the tunnelbut it’s still a long tunnel.” 

With predictions of “normalcy” now being pushed out beyond this Spring, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is not yet approving permits for gatherings of more than 50 people.  Our park shelters are still closed and there are no immediate plans for reopening.

So we are in the unfortunate position (again) of having to inform you that we are postponing this year’s IAT50 until Saturday, September 11. This was one of only two dates available this fall and the only one that did not conflict with another Badgerland Striders’ event.

For planning purposes, we’re assuming that all runners currently registered for the May event will be participating in September.  This assumption, of course, is an offense worthy of social media condemnation, shared memes with disbelieving faces or at least a time-out — but before you take any of these steps, please finish reading this email.

We recognize that the September 11 date may not work for everyone.  So we are, again, offering no-cost deferrals to the 2022 race for runners who notify race headquarters by Sunday, March 14. To defer, email Jeff at  The 2022 race date is Saturday, May 14.

If you have already requested a deferral for the May race, but can now run in September, we’re happy to reinstate your entry, but you will have to contact us by March 14.  If we don’t hear from you, we’ll move ahead with the assumption you are NOT running in September.  

Finally, if you are on the wait list for the May race, we are assuming you want to remain on the September 11 wait list.  If this is not the case, please notify us so we can remove your name.

As you can imagine, this decision was very difficult for us, but was made based on the facts available today, as well as our steadfast commitment to protect the health and safety of our runners, volunteers and the local community.

More information about the 2021 race and our training runs (now August 21 and 28) will be shared with everyone in the coming months.

Thanks once again for your patience.  We hope you can run with us this fall!

Jeff Mallach, Race Director

P.S.  The Ice Age Trail 50 is more than a running event.  It is a race (three actually) and a full-day celebration of distance running and the ultrarunning community.  It’s time spent with new and old friends, camaraderie, excitement, recognition, barbecue, campfires, free beer and live music.  That’s what you paid for — and that’s what we try to deliver.  Thanks for understanding.



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